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Get the ONE tool that most churches do not have that will CHANGE your online marketing strategy FOREVER! 

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You'll love Robin's new book: WOW! Your Guests.

WOW! Your Guests is the blueprint of customer service and hospitality for the church. 


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We think friendliness equates to hospitality and that’s not always the case. You can be friendly and not hospitable. You can speak and shake someone’s hand and not be hospitable. 

Just as in any business, your success begins with your people and the hospitality or customer service they deliver.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: WOW! Your Guests

Chapter 2: The ‘WHO’ of WOW! Your Guests

Chapter 3: The ‘WHERE’ of WOW!’ Your Guests

Chapter 4: WOW! Creativity and Visitor Care

Chapter 5: How to Put Together Your FIRST IMPRESSION Team*

Chapter 6: WOW! Beyond the Four Walls

Chapter 7: Building a Culture of WOW! Your Guests

Chapter 8: Church Safety and Crisis Management

-Also includes 9 pages of valuable survey's, strategies and developmental tools in the Appendix. 

*Specific instructions and creative ideas for the following First Impression Teams: 

  • Parking Lot, Greeters & Ushers
  • Admin/Receptionist & Security
  • Marketing, Events, Culinary & Media and more!

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